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The Wisdom Tree: A Children’s Story for All Ages

A New Release from Creative House Publishing

This is a magical story about a lesson in life that the author gleaned from an old, wise, majestic tree while in the forest on a walk one day. This inspired message unfolds through the lush pages of beautiful forest scenery while it imparts a gentle, yet profound message to all who read it. Delightful and charming, this story will warm your heart with its simple lesson, delivered in a way that all audiences can understand. The Wisdom Tree’s pictures and message are an engaging little journey with nuggets of wisdom that little readers can learn, and big readers can re-learn. The story can help facilitate discussion about ways we can all deal with the good- and the not so good- that life can bring.


Donna’s first book is released! The Wisdom Tree: A Children’s Story for All Ages is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook on all major digital book outlets! The introductory price will last through the new year (January, 2018).

Sample Selections from “The Wisdom Tree”

About the Author

Donna Valentine

• Musician • Air Traffic Controller • Author • Instructor, Song Writing

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I am so excited to offer my first publication to your family. My kids just loved the book, and learned so much just by looking at the text and having me read it to them.

Here’s What Others Are Saying . . . .

Donna has already struck it in the center by putting out her first children’s book. The content is engaging, it flows well, and the images are brilliant and will hold any child’s attention. Recommended for any child’s library!

Amber Harris

Marketing Director, Ferris Graphic Arts